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For Affordable Advertising Rates and e-Market Solutions.

Proposals & Invoice Procedure
Because of the size and scope of our company all our proposals are customized to fit each customer's
needs and goals (at no additional cost).

Following a phone conversation with us or an e-mail giving detailed information needed for a proposal
you will receive an e-mail proposal going over all the areas we feel would best represent your company.
A cost will be attached along with links to the areas we recommend.

If our proposal is accepted it is considered an Invoice and due on acceptance.

With all sales you will receive a detailed receipt and a copy of our W-9 form for your records (by e-mail or
by standard mail on request).

Pricing and Payment Method
With check
Payable to: - Mail to: 17531 Via Lindo • Tustin, CA 92780

After receipt of check we will send you a detailed receipt and our W-9 form for your records (by e-mail or by standard mail on request).

With credit card (On PayPal)
(PayPal will send you a paid confirmation email for your records.) . We will e-mail you ours after payment.
Call us at 714 504-4088 if you have any problems filling out PayPal.

And thank you for your business.

About Us

Daily thousands of people visit our family of websites, searching for local shops, stores, and
useful information.
Located on the top of major search engines our website traffic helps
generate thousands of dollars in orders
around the world each day.

We are an international Internet directory with over 300 websites and growing! Like your
local telephone directory, our websites have an A to Z listing that offers advertising to
those who choose to generate more business. But unlike your
local telephone directory,
we are seen 24/7 across America and around the world!

By placing an ad on our websites, you will be telling everyone about your store.
Having a banner ad will get you noticed and will generate more business!

The simple fact is that the companies that have a website presence
and are aggressive in their advertising get more sales.

Invest in your company..... Just one order will pay for your banner ad for the entire year!

So what are you waiting for?
Call 714 504-4088 or e-mail us

Looking forward to your call.


Pete Beatty, President
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